In order to start accepting direct bookings from Facebook, follow the below steps.
  1. If you have multiple properties listed on bookusdirect, skip points 1 and 2 and simply copy the multi-property URL you have received by email. It should look like this

  2. From your Dashboard, head overr to Marketing Hub, then click "view" Distribution channels

  3. Scroll down to the area mentioning "Get direct bookings from Facebook" and copy the URL. This URL is unique to your property and Facebook
  4. Open your property's Facebook page as the administrator
  5. Scroll down to the about section on the left
  6. Find the website section and hit the blue pencil to edit the URL
  7. In the website text box paste the Facebook URL you have copied from your dashboard
This will allow your guests to access your direct booking link when viewing your property's Facebook page.