To sync your bookusdirect and calendars follow the steps below.

  1. From your bookusdirect dashboard, head over to Calendar from the main menu bar

  2. Click on More in the top right, then select Import/Export from the dropdown menu

  3. Copy the URL displayed on the pop-up that appears by clicking on Copy URL

  4. Now head to your account

  5. From the main menu at the top, click on Calendar & pricing, and from the dropdown menu select Sync calendar

  6. Now, click on the Add calendar connection button located below your property's name

  7. Paste the URL you copied from bookusdirect in the Your iCal link text box, give a name to your calendar from the Calendar name text box, then click Next steps

  8. Now click on Copy link to copy the calendar URL and then click Done

  9. Now head back to your bookusdirect account and paste the URL you just copied from in the Paste your calendar URL text box

  10. Name your calendar as prompted in the text box below

  11. Select a color you wish to use for your calendar and hit Save and bookusdirect calendars are now synced and any booking made on bookusdirect will automatically block dates on and vice versa.