If you wish to block dates in your calendar, follow the steps below.

Note that you can block dates in your calendar from your phone or computer by accessing your dashboard.

When would I block dates?

Here are some of the most common cases that would lead you to block dates in your calendar:

  1. You have received a booking through another channel that isn't synced with your bookusdirect calendar and you want to prevent a double booking

  2. Your property isn't available to guests during a certain period of the year

  3. You wish to keep dates available for yourself during certain periods of the year

  4. You are making renovations to your property and can't accept bookings during a certain period

How to block dates?

  1. Head over to your bookusdirect dashboard and click on Calendar from the main menu bar

  2. Click on More in the top right, then select Block dates from the dropdown menu

  3. From the pop up that appears, select the Start Date and End Date of your block and hit Save blocked dates

Dates that you block in your calendar appear in red as shown below, and can't be booked by guests.

You can't edit a blocked date range. If you need to amend a blocked date range, simply delete the current range by clicking on Delete, then create the new desired blocked date range.