If you're looking to adjust your property's nightly rate seasonally, follow the steps below.

Note that you can adjust your rates in your calendar from your phone or computer by accessing your dashboard.

When would I adjust my rates seasonally?

Here are some of the most common cases that would lead you to adjust your rates in your calendar.

  1. You charge a higher rate during high season and/or a lower rate during low season

  2. You want to run a promotion and reduce your rate for a few nights in order to boost your occupancy

  3. Your facing a very high demand during a certain period and want to maximize your room rate for the little availability you have remaining in that period

How to adjust my rates seasonally?

  1. Head over to your bookusdirect dashboard and click on Calendar from the main menu bar

  2. Click on More in the top right, then select Adjust rates from the dropdown menu

  3. From the pop up that appears, select a Start Date and End Date for the period your wish to adjust

  4. Enter the new Base rate for the period

  5. Enter the modified Minimum stay for the period (if the minimum stay isn't affected simply enter your usual minimum stay)

  6. Click Save

You'll now notice that for the period you have adjusted, dates in your calendar are highlighted in green and display the adjusted rate and minimum stay (if applicable).

In the above example, the adjusted period (from Jan 1 to Jan 15) has a rate of 100 per night and a minimum stay requirement of 3 nights. The period after the adjusted period (from Jan 16 onward) displays the base rate of 50 and the standard minimum stay of 1 night.

You can't edit an adjusted rate range. If you need to amend an adjusted rate range, simply delete the current range by clicking on the bin icon, then create the new desired adjusted rate range.