If you're looking to manage extra guests and set up an extra guest fee, follow the steps below.

Note that you can manage extra guests and extra guest fees from your phone or computer by accessing your dashboard.

When would I use extra guests and extra guests fees?

You'll typically be using the extra guest fee option in the event that you would like to charge an additional amount per night on top of your base rate after a certain number of guests. Here's a simple example to illustrate:

  • You can accommodate up to 4 guests in total
  • Your base rate is 100 per night
  • You would like your base rate of 100 per night to only apply to 2 out of 4 guests
  • With the extra guest fee option, you can do just that and apply an additional fee per night to guests 3 and 4

How do I set up an extra guest fee?

In order to properly set up your extra guest fee, you'll need to access 2 areas of your dashboard: Property Settings, and Property Payment and Pricing

Step 1: Allowing extra guests

  1. Head over to your bookusdirect dashboard and click on Properties from the main menu bar

  2. If you have multiple properties, select the property you wish to edit from the list view

  3. Now, head over to the Settings tab, and scroll to the Guests area

  4. Set the number of guests you allow that are covered by your base rate, this is your standard guest capacity

  5. Then set the number of extra guests you allow, for which an extra guest fee will apply on top of your base rate

  6. Scroll down and click Save to save your changes

  7. In the above examples, we have a standard guest capacity of 2, an extra guest capacity of 2, and therefore, a total guest capacity of 4.

Step 2: Applying the extra guest fee

  1. Now, head over to the Payment and Pricing tab, and scroll to the Extra guest fee area

  2. Enter the extra guest fee that should apply using the text box

  3. Scroll down and click Save to save your changes

Now if a guest makes a booking for 3 or 4 guests, an extra guest fee will automatically be added and displayed to your guest at the time of booking as displayed below.