If you're looking to adjust your property's base rate, follow the steps below.

Note that you can adjust your base rate from your phone or computer by accessing your dashboard.

What is my base rate?

Your base rate is the nightly rate that applies by default throughout your calendar. It's also the rate that appears in your property's direct booking link as displayed below.

Changes you make to your base rate will apply throughout your calendar, unless you have already set up some seasonal rates, which will always override your base rate. Find out more about seasonal rates here.

How to adjust my base rate?

  1. Head over to your bookusdirect dashboard and click on Properties from the main menu bar

  2. If you have multiple properties, select the property you wish to edit from the list view

  3. Now, head over to the Payment and Pricing tab

  4. From the Base rate, enter the amount you wish to use as the base rate in the text box

  5. Scroll down and click Save to save your changes

Note that your base rate is applicable to your standard guest capacity. So if your standard guest capacity is 2, your base rate will be applicable for up to 2 guests. 

If you allow extra guests and want to find out more about extra guests and extra guest fees, click here.